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Reality Information Systems is a certified Revenu Quebec Installer for SRMs/MEVs this allows us to service all restaurant establishments in Quebec. We also install compatible open source POS systems that can produce the required government receipts.

Our pricing is as follows:
Base Package which includes:
- ASUS Touch Screen All in Once Computer
- Cash Drawer
- Thermal Printer
- POS Software (Modified version of OpenBravo POS)
- Cabling, installation, deployment, configuration
- 1yr warranty
Total Before Taxes: 4000$

Additional Items:
- Receipt Printer/Kitchen Printer: 500$
- Customer Display: 250$

These prices do NOT include the government subsidy which basically comes up to 2000$ (up until Dec 31st, 2011). So your total out of pocket cost for a base system would be 2000$ + taxes.

Advantages of our POS System
-Our system is based on the very popular open source openbravo POS which means you are not locked in with us for the future. You can get any programmer to make additional features for your cash system. We hope you stay with us for the service and we don't believe we need to lock you in to our service through propietary software.
-Our system has a solid reporting system and can be extended to meet your needs
-Our system works on any PC compatible computer
-Our individualized approach allows us to customize our produce to the needs of any single client.