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The internet has brought unparalleled opportunities to SME enterprises to provides goods and services worldwide through E-Commerce shopping.

For business owners, the decision to invest some time and money in an E-commerce website can draw revenue beyond their expectations. This is an excellent opportunity to opportunity to extend your storefront to the virtual world and giving your already existing stock more paths to your market.

It is important to note that not all industries are equally suited for E-Commerce websites. For example, clothing is more difficult to sell on the internet as clients often want to try on clothing.

Security is of paramount importance for E-Commerce websites and with the proper partnerships and policies we will help you mitigate the risk.

Maintaining the E-Commerce storefront is a task in itself and so we offer monthly subscriptions to have our company keep your storefront updated, process orders and deal with customer inquuries.

A fully functional E-commerce website starts at around $1000CAD for deployment with extra fees per purchase and the option to have us take part in the maintenance of your storefront.