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Web Services


For clients looking for a website that requires changes to be made regularily we recommend our Content Management System package. The CMS is based on the Open Source CMS called Postnuke which forms the basis of the system.

The CMS website is a dynamic website with many special capabilities of which the most pivotal is the ability to edit the content of the website as easy as it is to send an email.

Special services such as forms, calendars, mailing lists, multiple languages and more can always be included in this package. Special services are better integrated in the CMS than the basic system

The site can be created so certain sections are private to certain users giving you the capability of only displaying information to some users.

For the graphical design of the website you can choose from a huge directory of templates or choose to have custom designed submissions made based on your preferences. It is perfectly acceptable to choose from an original template and make minor changes giving you the look you desire at a median cost.

-Ability to make changes alone
-Extremly good integration of special services
-Lots of advanced behaviours

-Complex Engine (harder to repair)
-Requires specific server technologies (pretty common ones)

Bottom Line:
The standard option we recommend for most clients who are looking for a website due to the flexibility, features and upgrade path. CMS sites start at about 750$CAD.